Homologation Portable and wheeled fire extinguishers

"Homologation means the final act certifying the positive completion of the technical-administrative procedure aimed at the recognition of the requirements of the sector regulations. With this recognition is authorized the reproduction of the approved prototype and the related marketing on the national territory according to the procedures regulated by the competent authority".

"The approval is valid for five years and may be renewed at the request of the manufacturer, at any time, for a further period of five years. This renewal shall not entail a repetition of the technical tests provided for in the technical standard if the manufacturer declares that the portable fire extinguisher has not been modified".

(Ministerial Decree 7/01/2005 and Ministerial Decree 06/03/1992)

The evaluation of the characteristics and performance, as well as the classification of the fire extinguishers are carried out according to what is specified in the standards UNI 9492/CNVVF/CPAI for the first and UNI EN3/7:2004, or by another technical standard equivalent to this adopted by a national regulatory body of a country of the European Union or contracting party to the EEA Agreement, for the second.


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